Spring Cleaning Checklist

3-kitchen-sponges-lgnSpring is in the air and that means it’s time for Spring Cleaning!  Everyone has their own checklist that they follow and we are no different.  Here are our steps to making sure our home is ready for the season.

  • Music!  Okay this isn’t really a cleaning to-do but we consider it a must-have while cleaning the house.
  • Dust!  This is includes all bookcases, tables, shelves, etc.  While you’re at it make sure to dust all of your picture frames, decorations and electronics.  TIP:  If you have ceiling fans, tackle these first as the dust is sure to get on your other items.
  • Wipe!  Take a damp cloth and wipe down all of your blinds and window treatments.  Then grab some Windex and take care of all the windows and mirrors in the house.
  • Wash!  The bathrooms and kitchen are usually everyone’s least favorite but we have to do it.   Grab those rubber gloves and wash the showers, sinks, counters, toilets and everywhere in between.
  • Switch!  Use this time to switch out any air filters, smoke detector batteries, or burned out light bulbs
  • Vacuum!   This is always the last on our list to make sure you get any and all leftover dirt throughout the rest of the cleaning process.

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