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April Fools Day Pranks For Parents

april foolsHappy April Fools Day!  If you want to play some harmless pranks on your kids later today, here are some of our favorite ideas.

1) Cover the sensor on your remote control with a small piece of clear tape.  Watch and enjoy as your kids repeatedly try to get it to work!  (Bonus if your husband also gets confused)

2) Buy plastic bugs and put them on your kids plates while feeding them dinner.  Wait for the shrieking to ensue!

3) Unscrew the cap of the faucet on your bathroom sink, place dye tablet there and then screw back on. Watch your child’s reaction when colorful water comes out of the faucet!

4) Fill their juice cups with jello.  They’ll be so confused when they take their first sip!

5) Sprinkle salt on their toothbrush.

6) When the kids get home from school pretend to be on the phone with their principle.  Watch them squirm while they try to figure out why they’re in trouble.


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