Baby Buzz

Baby Name Trends for 2015


Everyone has a different method for choosing their baby name.  It could be using only family names, to a special city (i.e. Brooklyn), or even a favorite fictional character.  Whatever your method is, Nameberry is a wonderful website for inspiration to help get you started on the naming process.  They made their picks for what they think will be the most popular for 2015. We’ve listed below but got to for their reasons behind the picks.

BOYS:                                        GIRLS:

Finn                                            Violet
Emmett                                       Stella
Silas                                           Adeline
Hudson                                       Lila
Asher                                         Juliet
August                                       Beatrice
Declan                                       Elsa
Jasper                                       Cora
Ezra                                           Aurora
Sawyer                                      Ivy


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