Expecting & New Moms

New Year, New Baby


It’s a new year and whether you’re planning for a new baby or just brought home your newborn, there are so many questions you’ll have as a new mom.  We’ve pulled together some of our favorites places for advice, tips, and much more.

The First Month:  The first month of motherhood can always be tough and it always helps to hear advice from other new moms.  Julie Zhuo gave a list of things she learned on the Huffington Post and breaks it down by each week.

Confidence Boosters:  Parents.com has a wonderful list of ways to help get you back on track when you’re having those inevitable stressful moments.

Preparing the Nursery:  Getting your nursery ready for baby is one of the best parts of prepping for baby but can also be very stressful.  Johnson’s Baby has a great prep list to help keep you organized.

Sleep Advice:  Most moms can all share their own horror stories of struggling with their newborn’s sleep schedule.  One mom recently shared her hilarious tale of sifting through all of the “expert” advice.

Advice for New Dads:  Men also have tons of questions about becoming a new dad and Boot Camp For New Dads is a wonderful one-stop website full of stories for “real men, real babies.”


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