Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Source: Parent’s Magazine

Our friend Katie Dill from Poppy Consultants, South Carolina’s premier baby planning and maternity concierge, is an expert on all things during and after pregnancy. She was kind enough to share some helpful advice and tips for baby’s first thanksgiving.
The holiday season is among us and with that brings an exciting time of creating memories and new traditions with your little one! To make sure that you are enjoying this time, try sticking to these few tips!Will you be traveling this year for Thanksgiving? By car or by airplane? Either way, you need to have a good plan in place. Hopefully you have already made your travel arrangements so that you can avoid the busy travel days. In general the Wednesday before and the Sunday after thanksgiving are the busiest days to travel by car or by plane.

If flying out of town, start planning your itinerary now and do your research so that you can understand your passenger rights for traveling with an infant. For your baby’s first trip on a plane you may want to consider baby wearing. This will help you navigate through the airport with ease and give your baby comfort during the flight. For your carry-on bag make sure you pack the necessities like ready-made bottles or a nursing cover to make feedings easy, extra diapers and wipes, 2 changes of clothes for both you and baby, and of course plenty of hand sanitizer. If you can avoid checking bags, do so! You will be more prepared with all of your newborn essentials in flight if something comes up.Once you arrive to your Thanksgiving destination do your best to get baby back on their normal schedule and try to keep this schedule for the remainder of your trip. You can do this by making sure that your baby has her own space. Set up the pack-n-play, find a place for her clothes, set up a changing station, a quiet spot for play time, and the bathroom with her toiletries. Having these little places set up will make you and your baby feel at ease and give your little one a sense of stability and schedule during these next few days.

On Thanksgiving day there is so much to be thankful for with the arrival of your baby this year! So do your best to enjoy the day and reflect on this new time in your life. Try not to take on too much and welcome the extra help from relatives! Start the day off by dressing your baby in something festive but comfortable. There will be many photo opportunities for your little one but don’t over do it! Too much passing back and forth can be over stimulating, so every so often give her some quiet time with a one-on-one feeding or play time in a quiet space. Since everyone will want their turn holding the baby, remind them they will all get their chance as long as she is up for it.

When it comes to meal time, make sure to include the baby. If your little one is old enough to sit up, have a space for her at the dinner table, and if not, ask if someone hold the baby for a few minutes while you and your spouse scarf down your meal! I’m sure that Aunt Sue would love to hold the baby, so welcome the additional help!

My last recommendation for baby’s first Thanksgiving might come as a shock, but this is the perfect year to host Thanksgiving at your house. At this point your baby mostly sleeps and eats and is not very mobile. You will have a lots of extra help from relatives, and you can decide on the schedule for the day. As crazy as that might seem, it works! If you are hosting, you can delegate the meal out to the family. Everyone brings something, and if they don’t cook, they can help clean the dishes. By hosting the big meal at your house your baby gets to stay in her familiar place, keep her natural routine, and at the end of the day mommy a daddy can have an relaxing Thanksgiving day!

The most important thing is that you and your little one enjoy the day. Don’t worry if the baby is being held too much, and on the flip side you know your baby the best, so give her a break when needed! Make sure to take lots of pictures and take the time to reflect on how thankful you are for this beautiful baby being in your life!

To learn more about Katie Dill & Poppy Consultants, visit her website and find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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