Working Mom Wednesday: Meet Jenny & Jacqueline

How old are your children?
Jenny: 3 girls ages 10, 8 and 6
Jacqueline: 2 boys ages 8 and 6

What are your careers?
Co-founders of Benbini Watches – a watch company that manufactures stylish, ergonomic watches we invented for moms and women. The patented dual bezel design helps moms keep track of their busy day –from newborn schedules to cooking dinner and everything in between!

How do you balance work & motherhood?  
Jenny: My day is very scheduled, down to the every minute being accounted for – as there is a lot to squeeze in the day!  Everyday is different. Some days my kids school obligations and extra curricular carpools are more time consuming than others.  I am thankful for my “mobile” office allowing me to correspond and get work done away from the office.  It is also nice to have the flexibility to work after the children are in bed and a lot of weekends.

Jacqueline: To balance work and motherhood, I have to realize I cannot do it all every single day.  It is a matter of balancing my schedule and planning ahead.  When I know my kids are at school later, I make sure I take on the Benbini projects that may take a bit longer.  When the kids are on vacation, I focus on them and don’t let work overwhelm my special mom time.  And the crazy times when everything hits you at once, it is all about prioritizing what can get done and putting the rest off until another day.

What advice do you have for other working moms?
Jenny: My advice is when juggling a family, household and job, it is important to realize that it is impossible to do it all yourself.  I have learned to ask for help from friends and family when I am at capacity. And to let some things go (or pile up) and focus on much more important time like reading books with my kindergartener…

Jacqueline: Do not ever lesson what you have accomplished with 2 full time jobs – parenting and work.  It is extremely difficult ‘having it all’; so don’t discount your hard work.

What is your favorite part of being a mom?
Jenny:  I love talking with my girls each day – from carpool to dinner and when tucking them in we chat about life, school, sports, friends, etc.  My favorite part of each day is during family dinner where they tell my husband and I the roses and thorns of their days.  I enjoy these dinner conversations so much… because at Benbini our tagline is “Because Time Flies” and I feel that everyday as these girls grow up!

Jacqueline: There are many favorites of being a mom, but hearing my boys’ giggle makes me feel blessed every day.  When my boys’ laugh it means they are happy children with joy in their life.  What more could a mom ask for?


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