September: National Baby Safety Month

Happy National Baby Safety Month from the Momma’s Jewels Team! Safety is our number one priority when designing beautiful sterling silver jewelry for your baby to teethe on.  All of our products are safety tested for children of all ages and made in the USA.

To celebrate Baby Safety Month, our Founder Stacy Rosenthal answers some of our most frequently asked questions on safety:

Q: Is sterling silver really safe for my baby to teethe on?

Stacy: Yes, sterling silver is safe for your baby to teethe on.  Silver is naturally antibacterial, just think back to how sterling silver has been used for generations with flatware, baby cups, rattles and teethers.  Our jewelry is made from exquisite .925 sterling silver and there is no lead in any of our pieces.  Unlike plastic teethers that are put in the freezer to harden and cool, our pieces are naturally firm and cool to the touch, perfect for soothing gums.

Q: What design features make Momma’s Jewels teething necklaces safe for baby?

Stacy: All of our pieces were designed to be extremely functional and safe for baby, while still looking beautiful and stylish for mom. There are no small pieces or clasps, and the chain is a 30” inch endless curb link chain (see image). Further, all of our pieces are safety tested by an independent testing facility and made in the USA.

Q: What are the benefits of using a 30” inch endless curb link chain?

Stacy: First and foremost, there are no small pieces or clasps. Also, the length of the chain is important because it is the perfect length between mom and baby so there is no pulling or tugging while baby is teething and playing.  Also, our chains are fastened to slide around the rings, allowing the chain to drop away from baby’s mouth when teething on the rings (see image).  Styling tip post teething:  Once over the head, simply make a knot in the chain behind the neck to adjust the length of the piece. 

Q: Do you have any other safety tips for women wearing Momma’s Jewels?

Stacy: Remember, the necklace is meant to be worn by adults only. Never place the necklace on baby or leave unattended with baby.  Treat your “jewels” like you would fine silverware, wash regularly by hand and polish with a non-toxic cloth (provided), as needed. 


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