Expecting & New Moms

5 Baby Shower Gifts for the Chic Mom-To-Be

So, you’ve got a baby shower on the calendar and you’re trying to think of a gift that will dazzle the chic new mom-to-be. With so many adorable options out there, it’s sometimes difficult to decide on the perfect gift. Most baby shower gifts are typically gear for the new bundle of joy, but wouldn’t it be nice to gift some gear for the chic new mom too? We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite baby shower gifts that will wow the chic mom-to-be.

1. Momma’s Jewels 2 Ring Sterling Silver Teething Necklace. Safe for baby, chic for mom and a beautiful keepsake! You can even engrave the baby’s name on the rings for a special touch.

2. Maydesigns Baby Diary. Personalized with the baby name or initial, this baby diary will help the chic new mom keep track of all the memorable moments in style.

3. Benbini Watch. Designed to simplify baby’s scheduling needs, the Benbini watch is functional and fashionable. Even includes a left & right switch for breastfeeding moms!

4. Toms Rose Gold Glitter Women’s Classics. Some days you just need a little extra sparkle right? Toms Rose Gold Glitter shoes are comfortable and convenient during pregnancy and post baby.

5. Maya Wrap Baby Sling. Available in a variety of pattern and colors, the Maya Wrap Baby Sling will help keep baby close.


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